Top 4 Laptop HP Pavilion UK – Laptop & Netbook Computer Replacement Screens

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1. Wikiparts


Wikiparts - Please note Touch Panel is not included. Includes 6 months warranty Only Eligible for Products sold by Wikiparts. Tested before Dispatch, safely packaged, guaranteed to be in stock. Screen size: 15.

6"; backlight lamp: wide-led single connector razor; resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels wxga; data connector: 40 pins Bottom Right; Screen Finish: Glossy/Shiny. Your laptop may contain a lg phillips / chungwa / samsung / chimei etc LED Screen. Please note similar laptop models can take different types of screens and can come in both LED/CCFL screens, so please match the picture against your old screen prior to purchase.

Brand new high quality 15. 6" glossy slim led razor Screens available for use with Listed Laptop models. The screen we are dispatching would Be One of These Brands or a Compatible with a Similar Resolution and Quality. Please note if an exact screen part number is not available in stock we will be supplying a 100% compatible part number.
Part NumberB156XW03 V.1
ModelB156XW03 V.1

2. Chicony

Laptop Charger for HP PAVILION G6 G7 All Models DM1-4027EA DM1Z G6-1007SA g6-1009ea g6-1013sa Compatible Replacement Notebook Adapter Adaptor Power Supply

Chicony - G g70-246us g70-250us g70-257cl g70-258us g70-460us g70-463cl g70-467cl g70-481nr g70t g7010eg g7025eg g7040eg g71-329 g71-329wm g71-340us g71-349wm g71-351ca g71-430ca g71-442nr g71-445us g71-447us g71-448cl g71-449wm g72-101sa g72-102 g72-105sa g72-110sa g72-250us g72-251nr g72-259wm g72-260us g72-261us g72-a10sa g72-a35 g72-a35sf g72-b01sa g72-b20sa g72-b49wm g72-b50us g72-b60us g72-b66 g72-b66us g72-c55dx g72T. G g7-1320eo g7-1320sb g7-1326dx g7-1330ca g7-1330eb g7-1330ed g7-1330sb g7-1333ca g7-1335ef g7-1340dx g7-1340ef g7-1341ef g7-1342ef g7-1343ef g7-1345ed g7-1350eb g7-1350ee g7-1350ef g7-1350er g7-1350se g7-1351ei g7-1351si g7-1351sm g7-1351sx g7-1352ef g7-1352eg g7-1352er g7-1353er g7-1355ea g7-1355ef g7-1357ea g7-1357ef g7-1357sa g7-1357sf g7-1358sa g7-1360eo g7-1365dx g7-1365eo g7-1375sa g7-2022US G7-2030CA G7-2141SF G7-2254CA G7-2273CA G7-2320DX G7-2340DX G7-2373CA G70-212EM.

G g7-1204sa g7-1206ss g7-1214ss g7-1219sg g7-1219wm g7-1227nr g7-1239sg g7-1250sg g7-1255sa g7-1259es g7-1260ca g7-1260us g7-1265nr g7-1270ca g7-1272nr g7-1273nr g7-1277dx g7-1279dx g7-1281nr g7-1300em g7-1300ev g7-1300ez g7-1300sm g7-1300sv g7-1301eb g7-1301em g7-1301eo g7-1301er g7-1301ev g7-1301sm g7-1302er g7-1303eb g7-1303eo g7-1303er g7-1303es g7-1303sa g7-1304em g7-1304es g7-1304sm g7-1305eo g7-1310eb g7-1312nr g7-1314nr g7-1316dx G7-1317CL g7-1320ca g7-1320eb g7-1320ed.

G g62-140sf g62-140us g62-143cl g62-144dx g62-145nr g62-153ca g62-154ca g62-219wm g62-220us g62-222us g62-223cl g62-225dx g62-225nr g62-229wm g62-234dx g62-237us g62-339wm g62-340us g62-343nr g62-355dx g62-358nr g62-364dx g62-367dx g62-371dx g62-373dx g62-407dx g62-435dx g62-457dx g62-809sa g62-9129 g62-a01sa g62-a20sa g62-a21sa g62-a22sa g62-a45sa g62-b03sg g62-b13sa g62-b17sa g62-b18sa g62-b20sa g62-b23sa g62-b25sa g62-b50sa g62m g62t g62t-100 g62t-350 g62x g7 g7-1070us g7-1150US. Output 19v 3 42a 65w also replaces 18 5v 3 5a 65w connector tip 7 4 x 5 0mm barrel connector power supply adaptor ul safety tested this AC Adapter has a UK Cable plug and is compatible with laptop notebook models HP 693711-001 AC Smart power adapter 65 watt - Non-power factor correcting NPFC - Requires separate 3-wire AC power cord with C5 connector.

3. Wikiparts

Hp Pavilion 15-G 15-G094SA & 15-R030NA Laptop LCD Screen Support Hinge Brackets Right Left Pair

Wikiparts - Includes 1 year warranty Only eligible for products sold by Wikiparts. Safely packaged, guaranteed to be in stock and will be Dispatched in a Secured Box. Please check the picture prior to purchase. New screen hinges left & right pair am14d000100 am14d000200 for HP Pavilion 15-G 15-H 15-R Series Laptop.
Part NumberAM14D000100 AM14D000200
ModelAM14D000100 AM14D000200

4. Acbel

Laptop Charger for HP Pavilion 15-AY039WM 15-DB0521SA 15-AF156SA 15-P076SA 15-P077SA 15-P078SA 15-P083SA 15-P085SA 854055-002 854054-001 709985-003 710412-001 741553-850 Adapter Adaptor Power Supply

Acbel - Ul safety tested. Output 19. 5v 3. 33a 65w also replaces 19. 5v 2. 31a 45w. 15 15-g227nf 15-g228ds 15-g228nf 15-g229ds 15-g229ur 15-g230ds 15-g230nd 15-g230nf 15-g230ng 15-g231ds 15-g231ng 15-g232ds 15-g235nb 15-g235nw 15-g236nf 15-g238nf 15-g243nb 15-g243nf 15-g245nf 15-g245nw 15-g246nf 15-g249nf 15-g253no 15-g254nf 15-g254no 15-g255na 15-g255nf 15-g255no 15-g256nf 15-g256no 15-g257nf 15-g258no 15-g259na 15-g259no 15-g260na 15-g260no 15-g260sa 15-g261na 15-g262no 15-g263no 15-g264no 15-g280ng 15-g286nd 15-g291ng 15-g500nc 15-g500nm 15-g500nr 15-g500nu.

This ac adapter has a uk cable plug and is compatible with laptop notebook models Acbel Compatible with/Replacement for HP Pavilion 15T-CS000 15T-CS0000 15Z-CW000 Adapter Adaptor Power Supply. Connector tip 4. 5 x 3. 0mm blue connector power supply adaptor. 15 15-f097nr 15-f098nr 15-f100 15-f100dx 15-f110ca 15-f113ca 15-f118ca 15-f128ca 15-f133ca 15-f158ca 15-f199nr 15-f210ca 15-f240ca 15-g000na 15-g005na 15-g007na 15-g010dx 15-g012dx 15-g013cl 15-g020dx 15-g029wm 15-g063nr 15-g067cl 15-g070nr 15-g200ne 15-g200nh 15-g200nia 15-g200np 15-g200nq 15-g200nt 15-g200nv 15-g200ur 15-g201au 15-g201nh 15-g201np 15-g201nq 15-g201nt 15-g201nx 15-g202au 15-g202ax 15-g202ne 15-g202nf 15-g202ng 15-g202nl 15-g202nm 15-g202np 15-g202nt 15-g202ur 15-g203au. 15 15-g211au 15-g211la 15-g211nc 15-g211nf 15-g212au 15-g212la 15-g212nc 15-g212nf 15-g212nl 15-g213au 15-g213la 15-g213ur 15-g214au 15-g214ur 15-g215au 15-g215nf 15-g216au 15-g216nl 15-g217au 15-g217nf 15-g219au 15-g219nl 15-g220au 15-g220ca 15-g220nd 15-g220nf 15-g220nl 15-g221au 15-g221ca 15-g221nf 15-g221nl 15-g222au 15-g222ca 15-g222ng 15-g222nl 15-g223au 15-g223ng 15-g223nl 15-g224au 15-g224ng 15-g224nl 15-g225au 15-g225nf 15-g226au 15-g226nf 15-g226nl 15-g227au 15-g227ds.

15 15-g203ax 15-g203ne 15-g203nf 15-g203nl 15-g203np 15-g203nt 15-g203ur 15-g204au 15-g204ax 15-g204ne 15-g204nv 15-g204ur 15-g205au 15-g205ax 15-g205nc 15-g205ng 15-g205nia 15-g205nm 15-g205nt 15-g205ur 15-g206au 15-g206nf 15-g206ng 15-g206nia 15-g206nm 15-g206nt 15-g206ur 15-g207au 15-g207nc 15-g207nf 15-g207nl 15-g208au 15-g208ax 15-g208nc 15-g208nm 15-g208nt 15-g208ur 15-g209au 15-g209ax 15-g209nc 15-g209nl 15-g209nt 15-g209ur 15-g210au 15-g210ax 15-g210nc 15-g210nl 15-g210nt.
Height3 cm (1.18 Inches)
Length10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Width5 cm (1.97 Inches)